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Our offer

REVITALIZ proposes means of intermediation between assignors and buyers of industrial sites within the framework of implementation operations of the Florange Law.

REVITALIZ's services are aimed at accompanying assignors under their obligation to provide information to potential buyers (possibility of producing a concise presentation of the site, communication of the opportunity via the website to project developers, preparation of a summary of established contacts through the placing of this information online).

REVITALIZ also offers services aimed at guiding the potential buyer, through the opportunity of presenting the latter with an informative platform on the various available industrial opportunities at a given point in time, with regards to active sites, with or without transferable workload, with qualified personnel stationed and operational.


The services provided by the REVITALIZ site resides in its ability to provide communication solutions adapted to the legal constraints imposed by the so-called Florange Law.

  • Drawing-up of a “teaser” type summary document presenting the building and the takeover opportunity
  • Placing of the opportunity online via the website
  • Ability to “touch” project developers directly
  • Summarization of contacts or expressions of interests via intermediation measures carried out by REVITALIZ consultants

REVITALIZ also enables project developers looking for a new site to develop, create or take over an activity to have access to a database of active industrial sites, benefiting from an operating license, functional production capabilities and, above all, available HR resources, professional and who may be solicited within the context of an implementation project.


For the advertiser

  • Widespread dissemination of information on the site to be taken over, with Internet posting,
  • Direct contact with potentially interested companies,
  • Good knowledge and reporting of traffic achieved in order to provide input into the Florange end of commercial prospection report.

For the potential buyer

  • Access to a quick overview of the various opportunities in France,
  • Access to an active site with a work collective,
  • Rapid, direct and at-no-cost contact with the assignor.